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Nyasha Kimoy - The Author

Hi guys,

This is my first experience with blogging so please bear with me.

My name is Nyasha Kimoy and I am a PR student from Boston, Massachusetts (Go Celtics!!). I am an island girl whose roots run deep in Trinidad & Tobago.  I like long walks on the beach, sunsets (just kidding, although I do like those things . . .)

I am a lover of all things fashion, music and pop-culture, like many women you might know.  Currently I am work in sales for a designer brand based out of London, UK.  I intend to build a career in PR with an emphasis on fashion and luxury and am starting this blog to become more familiar with the world of social media beyond Facebook.  Most posts on this blog will be in reference to assignments  and/or projects for school.  Yes, posts about homework can be quite dry and uninspired however, even though this blog has been created specifically for my PR and Social Media class, I hope that you will enjoy reading my thoughts on PR as it relates to my interests.  Just setting up this first post has me brainstorming all sorts of ideas for other interesting blogs.  Who knows, this might be the start of something wonderful!

Now I warn you, I have lots of interesting ideas flowing through my brain at any given time so you may find my streams of thought hard to follow.  Don’t be deterred however.  I promise you will find some food for thought worth chewing on.

Thanx for reading!

-Nyasha Kimoy-


2 responses to “All About Me!

  1. ccraffey

    I love your free-spirited writing style! I am excited to follow your blog throughout this class!

    • nyah3584

      Thanx! I am super excited that anyone is interested at all. I look forward to checking out your blog as well. Please keep checking back with me from time to time. I hope to keep my blog snarky yet informative.

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