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Fun with Bacardi OakHeart

Surprise Surprise! Unbeknownst to us our class, our professor is a consultant for the Bacardi rum company.   In class we were asked to put together a social media campaign for the new Bacardi OakHeart spiced rum.  It is meant to be in direct competition with Captain Morgan spiced rum.  When I think of Captain Morgan, i have an image of young, college aged people chugging drinks in a frat-party type environment or tailgating.  Their advertisements support this image.

Our group decided that we would differentiate Bacardi OakHeart  from Captain Morgan by marketing it as a drink for young professional men.  In order to create that association with the new drink, we decided to suggest creating Facebook and LinkedIn groups called ‘The Gentleman’s Club’.  Men would join the club and have the opportunity to network with other young professionals, learn about special Bacardi OakHeart sponsored events in their city and enter contests to win a case of rum and other prizes. We also toyed with the idea of starting a trending topic on Twitter with the hash tag #only an OakHeart man.  Twitter users would then be encouraged to come up with creative endings to the phrase (for example: Only an OakHeart man refuses to let a lady pay for her own drink, etc.) and the best one of the day/week would win a prize.

Our campaign differed greatly from that of our other classmates.  While most groups chose to market the product through Facebook and other popular social networking sites, our group was the only one to market specifically towards young professional men.  Other groups targeted college-aged young people and tailgaters.   Both approaches could work.  After all, Bacardi wants as many people to enjoy their new drink as possible.  I was very proud of our presentation however, and I hope Bacardi found our ideas useful.

-Nyasha Kimoy-


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One response to “Fun with Bacardi OakHeart

  1. Jessica

    I had a lot of fun with this assignment. It gave us the opportunity to meet our other classmates and work as a team. Your team’s ideas they would be very useful to Bacardi.

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