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Hooray for RSS Feeds!

Ok, I admit it, I had no idea until this week what that little symbol meant until this week.  Many of us have been wasting time emailing ourselves the URL for websites that we have come across that spark our interest.  Sometimes I will tear out an article or write down the name of the company or website and then competely forget why I had bothered to take note of it.  The genius surrounding RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds is that now you can subscribe to a particular website or blog and any time that site posts new content you will immediately in the know.  Especially for people who are constantly on the go, this service is a true time conserver.

Social bookmarking (also called Social Tagging) sites essentially serve the same purpose but in a different manner.  Want to remember where you saw that article about naturally occurring purple elephants in the wild (a ridiculous example I know, but bear with me)?  Sites like allow you to mark the page for you to revisit in the future.  That way you can prove to your friends that indeed there are such things as purple elephants (which there aren’t although that would be oddly cool). All of your bookmarked sites would appear on a web page where you can organize them by date.  Isn’t technology amazing?

For more information on RSS Feeds and Social Bookmarking, click on the links.


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